Q : 
Are all incorrupt bodies related to the Catholic Church or have ties or are they just well preserved bodies?
【 Question from 】 Chicago, US

Fr. Francis : 

I want to really encourage you to read a few stories of the incorrupt saints. They are quite incredible and fascinating. Their stories are all over the internet, and typing in incorruptible in amazon can find you many good books.

I recommend St. Francis Xavier. He died on a Chinese island. They wanted to bring his bones back to Europe but could not wait for him to decompose. So they put lye on his body and buried him. Later when they unearthed him his body was completely unharmed. His body eventually was brought to Goa and was left outdoors for veneration for a long time with no protection. People could touch it until it was finally encased. After half a millennium now, his body is mummified naturally, but still, did not decay. Can preservation of any sort survive lye, open air?

Another one is St. Bernadette Soubirous, just read her story online. She is so beautiful.

What about St. Lucy, incorrupt since the 4th century, still on display today in Venice?

And St. Catherine of Genoa, When they exhume her casket, it was leaking water. Upon opening, she was surrounded by worms but her body was not harmed. Can preservatives do that?

And there are many more: St. Catherine Labouré, St. Rita of Cascia, etc.