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I have signed up to help teach Sunday School for kids aged 10-12, Pre-Confirmation class. Are there any structured and engaging curriculum out there I can refer to? Also, I would like to teach the kids and myself to pray, using poems / books / news … any websites / books I could study to get more prepared? I am in HK and the Chinese materials I found at bookstore are indeed not very engaging and believe the teens nowadays look for something more interesting and relevant to life
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Fr. Francis : 

If you can use English material, here are some of the best out there:

Check out Dynamic Catholics. For confirmation, they have a completely free program with videos and app called “Decision Point”. It was designed for older kids (more like 13-15) in mind but you can adapt the material.

They also have a program for younger kids called “Blessed”, but that one is more for 8-9, for First Communion.

Lifeteens has a middle school program called “Edge”. This is not free and requires a lot of resources to run. However, the material is phenomenal. A bit expensive to use as a reference though.

Also look up Theology of the Body for middle school. This program is also not free, but there are quite a bit of supplementary material that is free online. Though the name seems heavy, it really is not. It is amazingly engaging for age 10-13, and they get to learn about relationships, chastity, morality, prayer, and yes theology of the body. When I was in my last parish, we ran that for two years and was able to keep 50-70 kids keep asking for more.

Meanwhile, I will ask my friends who run family groups. They would be more up to date than I am.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for Chinese material, I cannot help you. There is nothing there.

Got a few more suggestions from my friend who is also teaching confirmation here:

– look up “Formed” (there is an app version). This usually requires a parish subscription but now they also offer individual subscription. This is a vault of all the most amazing Catholic books and movies and talks you can find, with topics for different age groups and people of different categories. It is definitely worth the money. There is a whole category there for children and middle school age range. I highly recommend.

The following is a list of websites for you to check out:


-> There are many subjects, activities and videos for elementary, middle and high school students. Very resourceful site.

– Select and screen in this site. Many videos that may be very helpful.