Q : 
How can I ask forgiveness from my deceased mother, because I gave her a lot of trouble and back answered her all the time. I regret it totally and I ask God everytime for forgiveness. What can I do more to fully make her understand and repent as I feel guilty and drained for all what I did to her. what penance or what should i do to tell her I love her and I am sorry for all what I did to her. she was for me but to my poor understanding, I didn’t recognize at that time. Help me father.
【 Question from 】 Canada 加拿大

Fr. Francis : 

Your mother is in God’s hands now. If she is in heaven, she would have long forgiven you, for there is no unforgiveness in heaven. If she is in purgatory because of unforgiveness, then you must pray for her and make reparation to help her.

As for you, what you need most is to go to confession. Tell the priest what is on your heart and let him help you. But most of all believe that God has the power to forgive you and to set free both your mother and you. And you have to forgive yourself, for you are not greater than God, who Himself is forgiving you.

Don’t worry about needing your mother  to know your regret. She would have seen it all when she faced God face to face right after her passing. God would have shown her everything and she would have made the choice to forgive you then.