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I have the inspiration to become a priest. How do I become a priest / what is the pathway to become a priest? I am in high school. In multiple occasions, it seems there are callings for me to pursue the role of a priest, and I do desire to serve the Lord and others. Is it possible to share how I, or anyone who also experiences the same epiphany, can to become a priest?
【 Question from 】 Canada 加拿大

Fr. Francis : 

I encourage you to speak with your parish priest, as well as talk to the vocation director of your diocese. If you have a particular religious order that you are interested, you should speak to one of their members or representatives.

Meanwhile, you can also explore online to find out more information regarding the priestly vocation, as well as find out if you could attend any available vocation retreat or come and see events put on by the diocese or one of the religious congregations.

There are also vocation discernment programs like “Duc in Altum” available. However, this and maybe some other programs are often offered only for an older age range. And that’s why I suggest that you first make contact with your pastor and/or your diocese vocation director and see where they direct you.