Q : 
Is it ok to display an icon of Eastern Orthodox Saints after the 1054 schism? A orthodox nun sent me an icon of Sts Raphael, Nicholas and Irene and I worried that the Catholic church doesn’t recognise them.
【 Question from 】 Malaysia 馬來西亞

Fr. Francis : 

The separation with the Orthodox Churches is a schism and not a heresy, which means the divergence is mainly in the area of Church governance but not in doctrines. Although in 1054 the Pope and the Patriarch of Constantinople representing the Orthodox Churches had mutually excommunicated each other, that has long been lifted. And depending on where you are in the world today, under certain circumstances, even intercommunion is allowed, especially in danger of death.

So, yes, although the Catholic Church does not have all the Orthodox saints recognized, we do respect their authority to name saints, and it is fine for Catholics to venerate them as well.