Q : 
My son recently told me he is a gay. I’ve been struggling with the pain myself as well as how I should react to him so that it won’t hurt our relationship. I have been asking God to forgive me and my son. I am very against the gay relationship, it’s not God’s plan.
【 Question from 】 Hong Kong 香港

Fr. Francis : 

You are right, homosexual relations and acts are not part of God’s plan. We cannot affirm what God does not affirm. Homosexual attraction is a disorder, a defect in sexual orientation. If it is innate, the person is not to be blamed. They need to be loved and supported with compassion and with the truth.

So I encourage you to keep praying and making reparation for your son, that the Lord may grant the necessary graces to free him from the falsehood of the homosexual lifestyle.

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