Q : 
In the past two months, many unfortunate things happened to me. To name a few, my mom had an accident and she is in coma, my friend passed away, my neighbor damaged my washroom ceiling, and I developed some health problems. Is God sending me a message? What should I do?
【 Question from 】 Toronto, Canada

Fr. Francis : 

When I find myself closed in by the misfortunes and sufferings around me, I usually find myself going through the following:

I will first pray. Pray especially by telling God how scared, lost, or angry I am. Often I just sit there. I know the emotions will subside. I need to find God again in the storm.

God may not necessarily speak, But I will rest on Him, lean on Him. I need His peace. Without peace, I cannot make sense out of the chaos I find myself in.

And when I do calm down, the residue could often be a sense of aloneness, or even profound sadness. I will ask God: what can I still do? What is impossible for me to do? What are You doing?

And somehow in the mystery of that prayer, I came to know God is in control. I must surrender to Him things I cannot change. He will take much better care of them than I ever could. I must realize there are still a lot I can do. Thanks be to God. I can still make contributions in His Kingdom. And all the pain? God has been, has always been suffering them with me. I am not alone. Thanks be to God!

And I can praise the Lord again.