Q : 
Dear Fr. Francis, How are you ? I am one of your followers and attend your daily mass everyday. However, I unable to find your May, 2022 daily masses posted in your website. Not sure if anything changed. Please check and let me know. Thank you in advance, Father God Bless.
【 Question from 】 United Kingdom 英國

Fr. Francis : 

Sorry for the late reply. Since the beginning of the year, I have decided to stop broadcasting online mass in order to encourage more people to go back to in person mass. The broadcast was continued until April because HK was in lock down. But since HK reopened, I have decided to post only the recorded homily.

The decision to stop the mass broadcast was not an easy decision, for I understand many homebound and high risk people have no resort to mass or Holy Communion since the pandemic. This is the only channel for many of these brothers and sisters to attend mass. Removing the online mass is a great disappointment for these brothers and sisters, I understand. But due to their health limitation, they are not obliged to participate at mass. I hope that in the near future, Communion service for them may be resumed.

However, at the same time, we are facing a serious situation: many people who are not homebound nor in high risk are no longer coming to mass in person, since they have been getting too used to online mass and no longer believe in the need to attend mass in person. For these brothers and sisters, what they do not realize, is that the dispensation for commuting mass attendance with online mass no longer applies to them since the reopening. They have been missing mass, which is a grave offence, and does great damage to their souls.

Due to the far graver consequence of the latter, I have decided to stop broadcasting my daily mass, in the hope that these brothers and sisters may return to in person participation soon.