Q : 
Does the human mind control the soul, or does the corrupted soul control the human mind?

Fr. Francis : 

I don’t think one can separate the “mind” and the “soul”. Some today talk about the human person as body, mind and soul, as if they are three separate entities, and we are a composite of them. I think that’s incorrect, and the Church does not see it that way either.

The traditional Judeo-Christian view of the human person is that we are an “embodied spirit”, meaning we are body and soul not as two, but as a unit; namely, our body is us, and our soul is us. They are not two, but one: our body is the matter that makes us visible and able to act and change in time, our soul is the spirit that animates our body.

Our mind, on the other hand, is a body-soul reality: it requires our physical brain to hold memories and thoughts, while our soul animates this material reality as well as provides us consciousness. Without the matter of the brain, there is no storage of thoughts; without the soul, there is no consciousness or process.

So the mind’s operations are the soul’s operations.

Also, you mentioned “corrupted soul”; it’s not the soul that is corrupt as a result of sin, but the whole body, soul and mind.