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I desire to go to Mass, but then I would doubt why should I be there. Because I doubt, then I start to try finding a reason for that. However, I cannot find a reason, but I keep following my desires. Personally, not acting completely rationally is acceptable, but if I act just for the sake of fulfilling my desires, then I think I am irresponsible for my faith. At some moment, I think that I should not be receiving the Eucharist but I desire for the Eucharist. It is like mentally, I adhere to my desire, but intellectually, I think I should not just fulfill my desire for the sake of fulfilling my desires.
Sometimes, I try to compare my experience with God as dating a guy, then I kind of understand why I act this way. Love requires no reason, it is just what it is. But then, it seems too emotional.
I was newly baptized Catholic, I know that my relationship with God is getting more intimate, but I do not know how to react to this drastic change. I once thought that my problem is trying to comprehend the incomprehensible (i.e. God). I tried to plug my experience into some philosophical relationship, such as I-ethernal Thou encounter suggested by Martin Buber, or I-Other relationship suggested by Levinas. In some sense, I feel that I am bringing down the transcendence to explicit human experience. I myself is so confused with those ideas too, so I am not sure what do I really believe.
I think I am in a stage that I know what is happening, but also do not know what exactly is happening. ( I know this statement is contradictory itself, but that is how I feel.)
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Fr. Francis : 

Having a desire to go to Mass and Adoration, even on a daily basis, in itself is a very good thing. If you have the time, and doing so on top of your Sunday obligation does not take you away from other necessary obligations, I would say that the Lord is showering upon you a very special grace and consolation to come very close to Him. Do not be afraid of the Lord’s invitation. If you have doubts over this feeling or your own motivation, still go, and tell Jesus about these obstacles. Ask Him to purify your thoughts. Doubts and mixed motives are often there, but we must not hold back just because we are not sure of ourselves. We should instead make a greater act of faith to be sure that Jesus can help us.

In this way, if the feelings were not from God, Jesus will purify them. But if the feelings were from God, then this gift will multiply and you will indeed derive great benefits out of it.