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Is it ok or is it wrong as a Catholic to believe that in some cases, the desire to homosexuality is not a sin, but only the act to have sex with same sex or marry a same sex is a sin? Because I see it just like when I get really really depressed ( I have mental illness), sometimes I can't help myself feeling suicidal, but I do what most I can do, is to go straight to hospital emergency or call crisis line that sort of things so that although I have thoughts, I don't carry out action?
【 Question from 】 Canada 加拿大

Fr. Francis : 

What you were describing about homosexual desire is more accurately described as a disposition, or a tendency, or a propensity to lean towards. People who have such disposition but do not act on it are called people with same-sex attraction. It is not a sin,in fact it is not even wrong, for someone to have an inordinate attraction. Same-sex attraction is a disorder, kind of like a sickness or handicap. The person did not choose it.

In a way, depression, which you also mentioned, is the same. Depression is a mental disorder, which limits or if severe even impedes the person from making sound or positive decisions. The person did not choose this condition and is not free to make responsible decisions. He or she cannot be held sinful for actions chosen under severe depression.