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My step-brother believes in the Catholic Church, but he ended up baptized as a Christian. Now goes to both Christian worship and Mass in Catholic Church weekly and has been receiving the communion. I explained to him that this is not ok. However, he told me that 吳新豪神父in Taiwan told him it is ok for him. Now what shall I respond?
【 Question from 】 Canada 加拿大

Fr. Francis : 

He got misled by a priest. It will probably take another priest to help him on that point. Honestly, it is somewhat fishy. There must be another story behind it. My recommendation is not to judge him on it, but see if he is open to talk to another priest to find out about the truth. If he is right, he got nothing to lose.

Meanwhile, love him the best you can. Encourage him to love God and serve others more. Only love can draw someone deeper in Christ, and only the light of Christ can entice him to want to know the truth.