Q : 
Jesus never broke any commandments and laws in the Old Testament Books of Laws, I wonder does he obey anything in the Wisdom Books, for example, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Sirach? I also wonder how should we view the words of Wisdom Books? Are we also obliged to do as the Wisdom Books says?
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Fr. Francis : 
The sayings in the wisdom literature are not considered to be “law” per se, but rather as observations and reflections of the law and the prophets. They appeal to human wisdom not so much that God’s teachings depend on reason, but that God is the source of human wisdom.
However, considering that Jesus is God, the source of all wisdom, the question you raised is absurd. It is not whether Jesus observed the precepts in these books, but Jesus is the wisdom in these books. The question rather is: is our reading of these books conformed to Jesus and to what He reveals to us? Because we are very much capable of misreading scripture.