Q : 
Can a laicized priest (and get married) receive communion?
【 Question from 】 Hong Kong 香港

Fr. Francis : 

Laicization, by nature, is the canonical process of the Church in which a ordained priest is removed from ministerial faculties and the promise to celibacy is dispensed. He is still a priest by nature, but can no longer call himself “Father”, celebrate mass, or perform any other sacraments and ministries ordinarily reserved to the ordained ministry.

Since his promise to celibacy is dispensed, he may validly and licitly be married in the Church if there is no other impediments or restrictions associated with him and his intended spouse.

In danger of death, however, a dying person may validly and licitly receive the sacraments of confession and of the anointing of the sick from a laicized priest.

As well, once ordained, a priest is a priest eternally. A laicized priest in heaven will eternally be a priest before God.