Q : 
Please can you help me discern my place in the body of Christ? Some advise that I should do whatever comes along or wherever the greatest need is, others advise to take my time to find the one which I feel called.
【 Question from 】 Hong Kong 香港

Fr. Francis : 

To properly discern your area of service and contribution, I am afraid this forum is not the best place. You would benefit more if you can find someone with a mature and dynamic faith who can journey with you. I suggest you may consider a priest in your area, or a few Christian friends who can support you.

One of the key areas I think we can all start with is to discover where God has given us special abilities. For example, some are particularly gifted in leading, encouraging, speaking, teaching, being with the poor, serving in the background, singing, writing, etc. These are spiritual gifts. The more we know our gifts, the more we come to know God’s plan for us. You may want to look up siena.org regarding discerning your spiritual gifts.

Another area is to develop a deeper spirituality of abandonment. Learn to ask God for everything, listen to His voice, and offer to do what He shows you.

And take all these to discern with your spiritual director or your share group. Let the Lord speak through them to bring clarity.